Solana Nin 天然鹽花 (125g) Flower of Salt


At the Nin Saltworks the salt is not produced by the machines. It is not produced by the man either. The salt is produced by the sun, sea and wind. The salt from Nin is ecological, therapeutic and biodynamic because in its production, besides people, participates diverse wildlife, plenty of beaches and healing mud.

Products of the Nin Saltworks are handmade, created with love, they are diverse and dynamic, they have firm character, they are delicious, specific, relaxing, and healing.

Flower of Salt Nin is „the caviar among salt“, it is a product of superb quality and specific gourmet flavor. It is not used in the cooking process, but at the end as the final touch.

Flower of Salt: delicate petal – like crystals of virgin salt crust forming on evaporating seawater during hot summer days. Moist, crunchy and full of minerals essential for human health, Flower of Salt is too precious to be used for cooking; rather use it sparingly, like a fantastic seasoning for your favorite recipes.

Solana Nin 天然鹽花 (125g) Flower of Salt



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